Stainless Electric Yam Pounding Machine (4 Blades Yam Pounder)

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Pounding of yam is a herculean task that whosoever pounds it will most likely not enjoy it because he/she will surely be very tired by the time it is done. The effort put into yam pounding is quiet more that the output. This fact has made the delicious pounded yam a rare household food. 2l yam pounder was design to solve this problem. The machine pounds yam with ease and convenience. Your pounded yam shall be ready within a (1) minutes or two (2), depending on the type of yam (old/dry or new/fresh yam), with 2l pounder. You can stop the pounding, add water and continue pounding to obtain desired ductility and hardness. With 2l yam pounding machine, you will surely enjoy a no-lump, ductile, hot served pounded yam. Key features it is rugged & efficient: pounds well like traditional mortal & pistil- even better with good yam. It is fast: pound in 1 minutes & ductile. It is durable- with low or no maintenance energy efficient: can be powered by a small generator


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